Fabian meeting 2017

Rainer Bischoff, managing partner at BiomarkerBay, will be present at the next Fabian meeting in Groningen.

The working group FABIAN is a platform that strengthens the link between business and academia and serves as an information exchange medium, knowledge bank and demand for the biomedical and bioanalytic community in the Netherlands and Flanders.


The focus of the 2017 meeting will be on bioanalysis and applications of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the analysis of exogenous and endogenous substances (from classical drugs to recombinant peptides / proteins), their metabolites and decomposition products in biological material. Here the pre-final program

Are you attending the Fabian meeting too? Would you like to get in contact with Prof. Bischoff and BiomarkerBay? Leave a message on our contact form here.