The BiomarkerBay ecosystem

Current collaborations:

Province Groningen, GroningenAtWork,


The Province of Groningen, with a population of around 583,000 inhabitants, dispersed over 23 municipalities, is dynamic, enterprising and innovating province located in the Nothern Netherlands.

Life cooperative 


Small and medium size enterprizes in LifeScience and Medical Technology  are united to increase the innovativeness of the Northern Netherlands and promote sustainable regional development.

Campus Groningen

Campus_GroningenHere at the Campus, companies and institutions with a passion for research, education and entrepreneurship work closely together to create real impact. Among others in the field of Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society and Energy.

Healthy Ageing Network


HANNN is the portal that creates exposure and collaboration opportunities for its knowledge institutes and companies, making it easier to export innovations in the area of healthy and active ageing

Center for Development and Innovation (CDI UMCG)

CDIThe Center for Development and Innovation (CDI) facilitates and drives societal and economic impact of the University Medical Center Groningen expertise and facilities. Internally this is done through strategic development and support. Externally by partnering with dedicated institutes or companies (public-private partnerships).

Interfaculty mass spectrometry center (RUG/UMCG)


The Interfaculty Mass Spectrometry Center supports other research groups in their efforts to characterise or quantify molecules of chemical, biological and pharmaceutical interest. The available equipment includes a range of instruments and various separation systems, including HPLC, UPLC, nanoLC and CE.   

Central Flowcytometry unit (RUG/UMCG)


Flowcytometry provides an unequalled technique for the analysis and sorting of specific cell types in the context of larger populations of cells. UMCG/RUG have a dedicated facility which provides high quality analytical work, thanks to highly specialized flow cytometry operators, who supervise and handle the equipment on a daily basis, provides

Alzheimer Research Centrum (ARCG UMCG)


The Alzheimer Research Center Groningen (ARCG) is a knowledge and research center in the area of ​​Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The goals of the ARCG are to improve the quality of life in people with dementia and their close relatives and to stimulate scientific research into memory disorders and dementia.

 Multiple Sclerosis Center Groningen (RUG/UMCG)

MSGroningenThe MS Center is a collaboration between the departments of Neurology, Cell Biology and Neuroscience of UMC Groningen and the Neurology Department of the Martini Hospital in Groningen.  The emphasis on the clinical research is based  the causes and remedies of myelin loss and disease mechanisms during the later, progressive phase of MS.

Groningen Research Institute for Asthma and COPD - GRIAC (RUG-UMCG)


The main theme of GRIAC is unravelling the underlying mechanisms of the development, progression and remission of airway obstruction, allergy and airway hyperresponsiveness,  their mutual interactions,and their relevance to treatment.

European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA)


The mission of the European Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) is to better understand what causes ageing. Our studies are focused on the mechanisms that result in loss of cells with age and the decline in the function of old cells and tissues. 

Movement Disorders Groningen


Movement Disorders Groningen provides scientific research, tertiary clinical care and education about neurological movement disorders in children and adults in the University Medical Centre Groningen. A unique group of clinicians and researchers who focus on excellent clinical care closely tied to advanced scientific research. 

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