The BiomarkerBay network

BiomarkerBay is the meeting point between academia and industry in the field of bioanalysis and biomarker validation. Our team counts on highly qualified and competent members with extensive scientific and bioanalytical experience. 

Management Board

Ymke_2018_AboutYmke van der Geld, Managing Director 

She enjoys putting science into business and enabling that biomarkers discovered in academia make it to the patients in the clinic.

Expertise and research interests: immunology and autoimmune diseases, pulmonology, rheumatology, business development, biomarker and flow cytometric bioanalysis, clinical trial management, biobanking, regulated bioanalysis.

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MartinSmitMartin Smit, Co-Director

He supports generation of public-private partnerships and has a long track-record in implementing new drug discovery strategies and changing organizations.

Expertise and research interest: protein turn-over research and lipid metabolism, drug discovery for thrombosis, atherosclerosis, women’s health, metabolic diseases, hormone dependent cancers, and inflammatory diseases, high-throughput screening, protein crystallization, in vitro pharmacology, drug metabolism, and pharmacokinetics.  

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Elena_2017_About Elena Merlo, Project manager and communication

Elena leads activities for project management and supports the connection between the sponsor and the project developers.  

Expertise and research interests: drug discovery, metabolomics, microbiology, analytical chemistry, project management, science communication and outreach.

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The BiomarkerBay partners

The BiomarkerBay network includes:



The BiomarkerBay expert network

Key opinion leaders from academia and the clinic are available via BiomarkerBay. Our network includes: 

Prof. Rainer Bischoff 
      • Expertise and research interest: biomarker discovery and validation, bioanalysis of biopharmaceutical proteins, bioinformatics, development of novel instrumental analytical techniques.
      • Useful links: RUG pageMS center

Prof. Ido P. Kema
    • Expertise and research interest: analytical and clinical chemistry, bioanalysis of biopharmaceuticals, oncology, neuro-endocrinology, biological psychiatry and (inherited) disorders of lipid metabolism.
    • Useful links: UMCG page

Prof. Truuske de Bock
    • Expertise and research interest: epidemiology, oncology, biobanking.
    • Useful links: RUG page

 Prof. Folkert Kuipers
    • Expertise and research interest: Bile acids, Cholesterol, Lipids, Nuclear receptors, Fluxomics
    • Useful links: RUG page

 Prof. Stephan Bakker
    • Expertise and research interest: Biomarkers for Food and Health, Epidemiology, Metabolic Syndrome, Muscle mass, Kidney Transplantation, Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy
    • Useful links: RUG page

 Dr. Martijn van Faassen
    • Expertise and research interest: analytical and clinical chemistry, asssay development, bioanalysis of biopharmaceuticals, oncology, neuro-endocrinology, biological psychiatry and (inherited) disorders of lipid metabolism.
    • Useful links: RUG page

Dr. Hjalmar Permentier
    • Expertise and research interest: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Analytical
    • Useful links: RUG pageMS center

 Prof. Hiddo Lambers Heerspink
  • Expertise and research interest: diabetes, nephrology, and clinical pharmacology
  • Useful links: RUG page

Dr. Maarten Nijsten
  • Expertise and research interest: Critical care, sepsis, acute kidney disease, biobanking
  • Useful links: RUG page