Let's talk with a BiomarkerBay partner: Ymke van der Geld


The business development director for BiomarkerBay, Ymke van der Geld, has answered three questions about the role of BiomarkerBay in the field of biomarker research. 

  • Who are you and what is your connection to BiomarkerBay?

My name is Ymke van der Geld and I am, as part of the management team, the driving force behind the organization and connecting the BiomarkerBay partners. I enjoy connecting people and companies involved in biomarker development, bioanalysis and clinical validation of biomarkers.   

  • What is the added value of BiomarkerBay? Why do we need BiomarkerBay in Groningen?

YMKE_SMALLIn the northern part of the Netherlands there is a high concentration of companies and academic experts and biobanks involved in biomarker research. In BiomarkerBay these companies joined forces to put the Northern Netherlands on the map as a key expert and service provider for biomarker research. What I see as the added value of BiomarkerBay is the collaboration between academic and commercial parties, in this way BiomarkerBay provides a continuum from biomarker identification to screening in clinical samples and application in clinical study.
With BiomarkerBay, you can start with a biomarker discovery project together with one of our scientific experts. Once you have found your biomarker of interest, an assay can be set up, validated and bioanalysis can be performed by one of the bioanalytical laboratories. Thanks to our connection with key opinion leaders in several relevant therapeutic area and access to relevant samples, your biomarker can be clinically validated.

  • What are the benefits for you and your organization in collaborating with BiomarkerBay?

The major benefit is that within BiomarkerBay, you have access to all biomarker services and key opinion leaders while you are only working with one entity – BiomarkerBay. This will enable faster decision making in the development process of your drug candidate, your diagnostic assay or lifestyle biomarker and in the end reduce costs.

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Jan. 13, 2017, 10:17 a.m.