BiomarkerBay at the 11th Annual Biomarkers Congress

BiomarkerBay has visited the 11th edition of the Annual Biomarkers Congress, which was held in Manchester, UK.  

The Annual Biomarkers Congress is Europe’s leading biomarkers conference, bringing together over 250 attendees from academia and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Representatives from top pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, Roche, BMS, Merck, AbbVie  and top service provider companies as QuartzBio, MesoScaleDiscovery, LGC,  Almac were present. The two-days congress offers an interactive platform for high-level scientific and business discussions and participation to formal and informal discussions during networking breaks and pre-organized one-to-one meetings. Ymke van der Geld, business developer for BiomarkerBay, attended. 

The congress was a good opportunity to be updated of  the new developments in biomarker research, create new connections and, not less important,  see where BiomarkerBay can make a valuable difference in biomarker research. Ymke connected with larger and smaller diagnostic companies. This is her impression about the event: “The field of biomarkers is changing rapidly, a lot of new biomarkers and companion diagnostics are being discovered. There is a wealth of markers ranging from cDNA to proteins and whole metabolic profiles that are being tested for early diagnosis or better patient treatment. The Annual Biomarkers Congress is the place to be to expand our network of European connections. I strongly believe that BiomarkerBay  can take the biomarker development to a step further, by combining the expertise of the academic and clinical experts, with well defined samples and good bioanalysis”.