Biomarker analysis

Unique biomarker expertise

  • LC-MS/MS analysis on small and large molecules
  • Multiplex ligand binding assays
  • Biomarker pathways through multi-omics approaches
  • Imaging biomarkers

Biomarker analysis

Biomarker analytical services and biomarker research facilities:

  • LC MS/MS: peptides, proteins, metabolites, small molecules
  • ELISA: single and multiplex, radioligand binding assay. 
  • Biochemical markers- routine patient care
  • Metabolomic, proteomic, lipidomic assays
  • Genomics and expression profiling
  • Microbiome research
  • Imaging biomarkers: PET tracers, MRI, PET imaging of inflammation
  • Flowcytometry, membrane bound and intracellular


  • ISO9001
  • Patient care (ISO 15189)

 More than 1000 biomarker assays are available on our biomarker assay database