Let's talk with a BiomarkerBay partner: Jelle Hempenius, QPS

Jelle Hempenius, Executive Director Global Strategic Account Management Bioanalytical & Translational Medicine at QPS, has answered three questions about the role of BiomarkerBay in the field of biomarker research. 

JelleHempenius_QPS                 "Together as a consortium we are stronger"  

  • Who are you and what is your connection to BiomarkerBay?

My name is Jelle Hempenius and I am representing QPS within the BiomarkerBay partners out of my position of Head of Business Development Europe for Bioanalytical & Translational Medicine at QPS.

Recently I have earned an MBA of the University of Groningen via an executive MBA of AOG School of Management. For my thesis I have written a business plan for BiomarkerBay.


  • What is the added value of BiomarkerBay? Why do we need BiomarkerBay in Groningen?

In the Northern part of the Netherlands there is a high concentration of companies, academic experts and biobanks involved in biomarker research. In BiomarkerBay these companies and institutions come together in a Public Private Partnership which can showcase the knowledge and expertise available in biomarker research to potential customers all over the world. Together as a consortium we are stronger than each of the individual members and we bring additional added value for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and ,of course, patients will ultimately also benefit from this.


  • What are the benefits for you and your organization in collaborating with BiomarkerBay?

The major benefit is that within BiomarkerBay, you have access to a wide range of biomarker services and to key opinion leaders. We, at QPS, from time-to-time get requests from customers for panels of biomarkers. When within your own laboratory you don’t have all validated assays, other partners within BiomarkerBay may have these assays available. As said, together we are stronger than each of the individual companies. In particular, availability of samples from biobanks from healthy volunteers and specific diseased populations is a great asset of interest for customers of QPS

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Aug. 14, 2017, 10:11 a.m.