Why work with BiomarkerBay?

What's in it for you? 

Our unique platform aims to match the increasing demand for novel tools and advanced technologies for biomarker and diagnostics screening to high standard by delivering high quality services and fast-track analysis, gaining a significant reduction in terms of necessary time and costs. See how we work.

The added values of BBayBiomarkerBayLogo

  • Scientific & analytical expertise
  • A full range of biomarkers, validated in clinical as well as in research settings. See our assay database.
  • Biomarker data from healthy volunteers and patients
  • Collaboration with biobanks of well-defined samples of healthy and specific diseased populations
  • Key opinion leaders in relevant therapeutic area

Why BiomarkerBay? 

We have asked our partners and customers about their opinion on the BiomarkerBay initiative and which benefits working with BiomarkerBay could bring to the progress of knowledge and research in the field of biomarker discovery. 

This is what partners say about BiomarkerBay

  • "BiomarkerBay provides a continuum from biomarker identification to screening in clinical samples and application in clinical studies";
  • "BiomarkerBay integrates many important factors for biomarker development and provides a connection to real good clinical samples";
  • "BiomarkerBay contributes to enhance the understanding of the real world patient population";
  • "BiomarkerBay helps to improve the communication between customers and suppliers, between commercial entities and academics, helping them "to speak the same language".   
  • "Sounds like a nice initiative. Here in the West there is a lot of talking about cooperation, but BiomarkerBay really does it"

 BiomarkerBay is one of the key players of Healthy Ageing Network in the Northern Netherlands.

The Healthy Ageing Network  brings together business, education and innovation in an unique partnership aiming to build the strategies for healthy ageing and for the future of health and care. BiomarkerBay and the other members of the Healthy Ageing Network collaborate in this synergistic platform that, taken as a whole, has a greater value than the sum of its individual parts. This video, made by SCHERP! media, was shown in Brussels during the Open Days 2016.


Take away message: BiomarkerBay in a nutshell - download our flyer here.