What is BiomarkerBay?

The region of Northern Netherlands is highly active and well recognized for its contributions in the field of biomarker research, drug discovery, early disease diagnosis and health care. We have combined the expertise, the high quality competences and the top-notch research from academia, bioanalytical companies, contract research organizations and the University Medical Center in Groningen into a unique service concept called BiomarkerBay

By bringing together academic labs and contract research to join forces and cooperate in the field of biomarkers and bioanalysis, BiomarkerBay aims to increase efficiency of the use of combined knowledge, to develop highly advanced lab technologies and jointly offer high quality and competitive biomarker services to the market, in turn creating new opportunities and synergies between academia and industries and stimulating growth in the life science business sector in the region. 

BiomarkerBay offers one portal for the full range of biomarker services and capabilities by pairing knowledge and expertise from key-opinion leaders in academia to the commercial interests of our CRO partners. 

BBayNetworkWith our extensive network, we provide  state of the art analysis and advanced methodologies, access to pre-clinical research facilities and clinical settings and a number of diversified sample and data collections, ranging from prospective cohorts to specific disease biobanks.  

By combining key experts from different disciplines, BiomarkerBay provides a continuum of essential knowledge and expertise in biomarker development

BiomarkerBay liaises between the customer and the BiomarkerBay partners. We supply project management, assistance in design, planning and support of experiments and clinical studies as well as dedicated monitoring and reporting to assure a smooth and effective development of the joint project(s).

BiomarkerBay was founded in Groningen, in 2015, thanks to the support of the RSP-funding program of Province Groningen.

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