The BiomarkerBay partners

BBayMapBiomarkerBay was founded in November 2015 as a public-private initiative between academia and commercial parties (SME's) present in the region of Northern Netherlands, about 2 hours North from Amsterdam.

The region of Northern Netherlands is growing fast into the life sciences business sector, thank to a large group of biotech and diagnostic companies, top-notch contract research organizations and a renowned University Medical Center. Indipendently, the different institutions are highly acknowledged in the field of biomarker research, bioanalytical services, drug discovery, early diagnosis and health care. BiomarkerBay connects all the different entities in a jointed platform with the goals to identify, align and build upon the extensive resources in the field of biomarker research that are already available in the region, in order to create market value and more business opportunities.

"Sounds like a nice initiative. Here in the West there is a lot of talking about cooperation, BiomarkerBay really does it" EATRIS |  European infrastructure for translational medicine

The BiomarkerBay network includes:


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Take away message: BiomarkerBay in a nutshell - download our flyer here.