Mission and vision

BiomarkerBay works towards early diagnosis strategies and personalized medicine 

We believe that an increase in scientific knowledge, in combination with technological advances, state of the art bioanalysis, biobanks and experts from different disciplines, will result in the development of complex individual health status profiles for both healthy and diseased people (biomarker profiles).Vision_2017

By describing the responses of the different subjects to a medical treatment, the biomarker profiles will provide precious information regarding the risks and prospects of individuals and thus become fundamental to determine the efficacy of medical therapies and subsequent tailor-made adjustments  which will be adapted based on individual outcomes. 


The biomarker profile data will have a major role in future disease prevention and in early-disease diagnosis and will contribute substantially to the progress of personalized medicine. Moreover,  by delivering validated biomarkers and corresponding assays to our customers, BiomarkerBay will significantly improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of drugs, drug development processes, diets, behavior, and patient care.

 Take away message: BiomarkerBay in a nutshell - download our flyer here.