Biomarker analysis

BiomarkerBay unique capabilities

  • LC-MS/MS analysis on small and large molecules

  • Multiplex ligand binding assays.

  • Multi-omics approach

  • Imaging biomarkers



Our BiomarkerBay partners have provided biomarker analytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic industries for more than 25 years. We rely on highly experienced bioanalytical and clinical experts with extensive background in assay development and high flexibility in working with a large variety of samples and technologies. 

Our list of biomarker analytical services and biomarker research facilities includes:

  • LC MS/MS: peptides, proteins, metabolites, small molecules
  • ELISA: single and multiplex, radioligand binding assay. Biomarker assay platforms (ELISA, Immulite®, Bioplex®, MSD® Imager 6000 ECL, GYROS and LC-ECD)
  • Biochemical markers- routine patient care
  • Metabolomic, proteomic, lipidomic assays
  • Genomics and expression profiling
  • Microbiome research
  • Imaging biomarkers: PET tracers, MRI, PET imaging of inflammation, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, depression
  • Flowcytometry, membrane bound and intracellular


  • ISO9001
  • Patient care (ISO 15189)
  • Implemented, qualified, validated (in the spirit of GLP),
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Diagnostics (ISO 13485:2016)

Over the last 25 years our biomarkerbay partners have developed over 1000 biomarker assays.  Our Biomarkerassays, with a comprehensive list of validated biomarker assays