Discovery & confirmation

BiomarkerBay unique capabilities

  • Biomarker discovery in cervical, ovarian, head and neck and lung cancer, asthma and COPD, Alzheimer’s

  • Proteogenomics research  

  • Advanced approaches for data processing and statistical analysis

The first step in biomarker research is the discovery and screening for novel biomarkers. The vast number of potential candidates has generated an increasing need for innovative strategies for biomarker selection and prioritization and for bioinformatics tools for data processing. 


The BiomarkerBay  consortium relies on highly talented scientists with multidisciplinary expertise, key opinion leaders in relevant therapeutic areas and state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the most advanced technologies. 

Together with our partners, we offer a broad range of analytical and chemical services, including access to well-established mass spectrometry and analytical chemistry facilities and extensive synthetic organic chemistry expertise in custom synthesis, chiral technology services and drug formulation studies.

Novel molecular markers are selected and prioritized using a combination of multi-omics approaches,  analytical protocols for quantification and computational approaches for data processing and statistical analysis. The target of the first screening phase ranges from DNA and RNA material to proteins and small molecular weight compounds extracted from different biological materials, metal elements, pharmaceuticals and synthetic organic molecules. Confirmation on the selected candidate biomarkers is achieved using a wide array of technologies and the regular use of high accuracy and high sensitivity mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography, photoionization and electrochemistry.


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