Biomarker portfolio

The BiomarkerBay portfolio includes dedicated panels of services and capabilities for biomarker research in different therapeutic areas. For each of these, biomarker assays and sample collections from healthy partecipants and patients may be available. 

Biomarker sets 

  • Respiratory (COPD & Asthma) - download PDF

  • Psychiatry & Neurology (depression, dementia)- download PDF

  • Cardiovascular-Metabolic disorders (hartfailure, diabetes, obesity)- download PDF

  • Hematology (hemato-conology and hematological disorders) - download PDF

  • Oncology (lung, CRC, breast, cervical, hematological)

  • Inflammatory disorders (IBD, MS)

Take away messages

For detailed information and requests over additional indication areas,  please get in contact with us here.